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Appointment module

Use the appointment module to share openly when people can come by—reducing the need to call you by giving a self-checkout for making an appointment. So you can focus on the important things.
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Easily scheduling

In the admin, fill in when customers can come by and let your schedule fill up automatically.
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Use a waiting list

First gather interest first with a waitlist, before scheduling open houses.

Let customers get in touch with you

Share your portal with your services and listings. Sparki will make sure your customers know what they are getting into, giving them a better way to get in touch with you.

Standalone appointment link

Use our standalone appointment links on your website or in your emails. Send your customers to our platform, and we will return them to your website afterwards.

When is this useful? When you want to keep full control of your marketing but don’t want to do the difficult stuff, like building an appointment module.

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Trusted infrastructure
Our servers run on the most advanced edge network.
Zero integration setup
We host and make customising your portal easy for you
Your customers love us
Mobile friendly, designed to work on any device, and well optimized lead generation
API for the future
Data under your control

Start using our appointment module!

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